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Raifcard + currency

Raifcard + currency | Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Raifcard + currency #2 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval

  • Free account opening 
  • Free replenishment


Raifcard + currency #3 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval

No commission

account replenishment without commission

Raifcard + currency #4 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Opening banking account

is free

Raifcard + currency #5 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Cards in the currency

contactless payment cards are available in USD/EUR

Raifcard + currency #6 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Raifcard + currency #7 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval

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Cash and non-cash replenishment



Visa Platinum, Mastercard Platinum, Visa Gold, Mastercard Gold, Visa Fishka, Visa Classic

Cash withdrawal
in the network of other banks and ATMs on the territory of Ukraine

1,5% + 1 USD / 1 EUR

in the network of other banks and ATMs outside Ukraine

1,5% + 3 USD / 3 EUR

the network of ATMs and branches of the Bank

1,2%, at least 1 USD / 1 EUR

Useful information

Card opening

In the nearest branch of the bank.
To order a card, you must have a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a document that replaces it, and a certificate of identification code assignment.
You can get an anonymous card at the door
The term of production of a name card is 10 working days from the moment of the order.

What documents are required to open a card?

To open the card must have a passport of citizen of Ukraine or document substituting and help with taxe code.

Actions if you loss card
  1. Urgently notify Raiffeisen Bank Aval of the loss (theft) of the card to block it by calling the Information Center:
  • 0 (800) 500-500 (free in Ukraine)
  • 0 (44) 490-88-88 (for Kyiv and calls from abroad)
  • 521 (free for Vodafone mobile operator).

When you contact the Information Center, you can immediately order a new card to be issued to your account. It will be available in 10 days at your chosen bank branch.

2. Lock the card yourself using Raiffeisen Online. On the bank's website you can also order an additional card to your account and receive it at your chosen bank branch in 10 days.

3. You can also block your own payment card at your nearest Raiffeisen Bank office.

Card activation

Card activation

Payment card is provided not active

In order to set your personal PIN-code and activate card you can do it with the help of:


Call center 

0 800 501 150

  • take your card, passport and tax code
  • make a call from your financial phone number
  • following the prompts, enter the answers to the questions and set your personal PIN-code


  • insert the card
  • enter temporary PIN-code 0000
  • set your personal PIN-code

Your card is activated and ready to use

How to deal with fraudulent operations?

Keep your card data confidential.

If anyone calls you, do not disclose any of the following, despite any introduction they make:
• PIN-code of the card
• Its validity term
• 3 figures on the back of the card (CVV2/CVC2-code)
• Passwords sent via SMS
• Password to “Raiffeisen Online” Internet-BankingDo not disclose the above mentioned data to any third parties, despite any introduction they make.
The Bank has all the necessary information for servicing your card.

Procedure of the bank in case of non-fulfillment of obligations by the client under the agreement on the provision of banking services

In case of the amount of transaction is more than available balance overdraft arises on the card account. 

In this case Bank will follow Banking Rules for private Individuals in accordance with Article 8, paragraph 8.6. Section 2