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Credit card 100 days

Up to 100 days of life serenity. Shopping now - interest then!

  • Grace period – up to 100 days without interests (non-cash transactions)
  • Service charge – free
  • Credit limit – up to UAH 300 000
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100 days Credit Card #3 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Terms of the loan program

Opening a card Mastercard World 100 days


Grace period

up to 100 days* for purchase and money transfer transactions

Interest rate out of grace period

4% per month

Fee for cash withdrawal/money transfer


Minimum monthly repayment

5% of the balance of the debt as of 25th of each month

The maturity date of the monthly payment

by the 20th of each month

Credit limit amount

from UAH 5 000 to UAH 300 000

Loan repayments


Accompanying services of bank/3 persons

not applicable

*Grace period applies to for purchase and money transfer transactions using the payment card. The Grace period is valid from the first purchase/money transfer transaction in the Grace Period  (on condition that there is no loan debt on the date of the transaction; if there is a loan debt, to start the grace period it must be paid by the client in full) and ends in one hundred calendar days. For all purchase/money transfer transactions using a payment card made after the first such operation in the Grace Period, the Grace Period ends on the expiration date of the Grace Period for the first such operation in this Grace Period. The Grace period applies (interest for using the loan is not charged during this period) if the used limit amount is repaid by the end of the Grace period and minimum monthly repayments during the Grace period were made in due time.

For example:

- purchase date – 26.06;

- next date of interest calculation – 25.07 & 25.08. & 25.09

- repayment date of minimum monthly repayments – 20th day of every month – 20.08 & 20.09;

- full repayment – by 3.10;

- grace period term – from 26.06 till 03.10 (100 days).

The grace period does not apply to transactions of cash withdrawals, fees, interest etc

The term of crediting to the card account is up to 3 banking days from the date of transfer to the card. Please make repayments in advance.

WARNING to individual customers when using the Credit Card consumer credit service

The service of providing Raiffeisen Bank JSC (hereinafter - the Bank) with consumer loans under the credit card program is provided by the Bank to individual customers under the terms of the Banking Service Agreement.
The Banking Service Agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement) is an accession agreement (Article 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine) and consists of a public offer, a statement of acceptance of a public offer/agreement, "Rules for Banking Service of Individuals in Raiffeisen Bank JSC", Bank tariffs and a loan application "Credit Card".
In case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment by the client of the loan obligations established by the Agreement, the client is liable according to the legislation of Ukraine and the terms of the Agreement.
Thus, for the delay in the fulfillment by the client of any monetary obligations under the loan, the client must pay a penalty at the request of the Bank in the amount of 1% (one percent) of the amount of overdue payment, but in any case not less than 50 (fifty) hryvnias.
Also, in case of non-return of the loan by the client on the last day of the loan term, the client must pay interest to the Bank (as liability for violation of the monetary obligation under Article 625 of the Civil Code of Ukraine) in the amount of 0.000001% to 48.00% per annum.
The Bank shall not require the client to purchase any goods or services from the Bank or a related or associated person as a prerequisite for the provision of a consumer credit service (except for the provision of a package of banking services).
The Bank shall not be entitled to amend the Loan Card application with the client unilaterally unless otherwise provided by the Agreement or the law.
The customer may refuse to receive promotional materials by means of remote communication channels.

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Mastercard Bilshe

Rewards and gifts for payments by credit card Mastercard World 100 day abroad

How easy to repay a credit card?

Permanent registration on the territory of Ukraine

The age of the borrower from 23 to 65 years

How easy to repay a credit card?

Choose the most convenient way for you: 

The all services are FREE.

1Please pay attention that other isssuers can charge fee for such money transfers 

Documents for loan processing
  • Ukrainian passport
  • Taxpayer identification number