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We support clients who are military servicemen, their family members and volunteers of the Ministry of Defense!

Raif does everything possible to continue to be a reliable financial partner for every Ukrainian. We are committed to helping and supporting our defenders and their families during this difficult time for our country.

All our borrowers — military personnel, their wives and husbands, as well as territorial defense volunteers — have the right to the benefit specified by the Law of Ukraine "On Social and Legal Protection of Military Personnel and Members of Their Families", namely: they are exempt from paying fines and interest on utilization loans and credit cards. Currently, the legislation of Ukraine does not provide for benefits regarding repayment of the principal debt for credit debt.

Both servicemen and their relatives can apply for benefits.

to provide one of the documents

Documents to be provided to the bank

To receive a benefit, one of the following documents must be submitted to the Bank (original or good quality scan/photocopy):

  • Military ID (the first page with filled-in columns for full name and the last filled-in page with a note about enlistment);
  • Order (excerpt from the order) issued by the military commissariat / military unit;
  • Letter / certificate issued by the military commissariat / military unit;
  • Notice of mobilization (not summons).


In the case of applying to the Bank, the wife or husband of a military serviceman must provide:

  • Any document from the above list;
  • Marriage certificate or Extract from the civil status register.
Details in the documents

The submitted document must contain the following details:

Please check the availability of the following details in the documents:

  • Seal/stamp;
  • Original number and date of the document;
  • Full name and signature of the commander of the military unit / commissioner of the military commissariat;
  • number and name of the military unit / military commissariat;
  • Mobilization period (from which date/month/year the client is called up for military service during mobilization);
  • No. and date of the Military Commissariat Mobilization Order (preferred).
In case a volunteer of territorial defense applies

In the case of applying to the Bank, a volunteer of territorial defense must provide:

  • The certificate of a volunteer of the national defense in the form approved by the order of the Ministry of Defense dated 07.03.2022 No. 84;
  • The contract in the form approved by the order of the Ministry of Defense dated 07.03.2022 No. 84. The signature of an official of the territorial community is certified by a seal;
  • Certificate of the head of the military unit confirming direct participation in the protection of the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, in the implementation of measures to ensure national security and defense, repel and deter armed aggression.

      The benefit of not charging interest does not apply to wives and husbands of this category of beneficiaries.

      mobilization comfirmation

      How to provide a document confirming the fact of mobilization?

      Choose one of the variants below:

      • send a request via chat in Raiffeisen Online;
      • by email to;
      • present the document at the nearest Rife branch;
      • call 0800 500 500 (521 from Vodafone).

      Thank you to every serviceman for protection

      Keep yourselves!