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Reliable preserve and increase your savings

Open a deposit for safe keeping of funds and additional profit. This is a quick and effective offer that is issued in a few minutes if the documents are available and is valid for the bank's customers.

Deposit programs

Deposit programs

Raiffeisen Bank offers deposit programs that can meet your needs. Receive SMS on your mobile phone about crediting and withdrawing funds to / from a deposit account for free.


Secure store of your money, jellery and documents

Individual safe boxes

If you want to store your money, jewelry, documents or family relics in a reliable place and be sure that they are kept intact and confidential, Raiffeisen Bank offers to use the service of individual safe deposit box lease.


Open Deposit Online

Become a client online with Raifcard 

The safety of your deposits advanced savesecure membership Raiffeisen Bank to guarantee Fund of individuals ' deposits