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Receiving cards from Raif has become even more convenient

Raif customers can get their card free of charge at "Nova Poshta" branch or its automated parcel lockers

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How to order a plastic card with delivery to a branch or post office of Nova Poshta? 

  • The delivery of a name plastic card to the branch or post office of the New Post can be arranged:
  • in any branch of the Bank. You can see current information about the bank's work at the link  
  • contact the bank's information center
  • by writing to Raiffeisen Online ➡Contact with the bank➡Chat (in case of ordering an additional personal payment card to an already opened account).  

How much does it cost to deliver a card to a Nova Poshta branch or automated parcel locker?

This service is free for the client.

How long does it take to deliver the card to the Nova Poshta branch or automated parcel locker?

The estimated delivery time of the card is 2-4 working days. You can find detailed information about delivery times and the status of your parcel on the website or in the Nova Poshta mobile application.

What is the storage period of the card?

The maximum storage period for a parcel with a name card at Nova Poshta is 7 days from the day the parcel arrives at the Nova Poshta branch/ automated parcel locker. At the end of this period, the package and the card are destroyed

Please note that the fee paid to the Bank for issuing the card is non-refundable. Even if the card is not received by the client..

How to activate a plastic card ordered with delivery to a branch or automated parcel locker of Nova Poshta?

After the client receives a parcel with a card at Nova Poshta, the card must be activated and a PIN code must be set for it. For this, prepare a payment card, passport, and identification code. Call the information center on 0800 501 150 from the phone number you specified when ordering the card. Following the prompts, enter the answers to the questions and set a personal PIN code. Without it, the card will not work for security purposes.

Additional Information

The paper envelope with the payment card must not contain any damage.

The card must be packed in a paper envelope with a transparent window. The envelope will contain a folded A4 sheet and a card. The paper envelope with the card must be packed in a polyethylene envelope.

If you receive a package that is improperly packed and has signs of damage to the envelope, you should contact the phone number 0 800 500 500 to block the card.