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New MyRaif convenient application
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АТB Card

  • Up to 50% discounts on chosen products in ATB stores 
  • Free servicing and replenishment
  • Pay by card anywhere
 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval


 #2 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Free of charge cash replenishment

in City24 terminals - in stores АТБ or in EasyPay terminals - in all Ukraine

 #3 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Free replenishment for IBAN requisits

from the card of any bank or by means of the any regular transfer from another account

 #4 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Payment of utility bills without commission

in "Raiffeisen Online" mobile application

"Strong discounts" up to 50% on your favorite products with the ATB card from Raif!

 #5 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval
 #6 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Strong discounts” up to 40% for favorite goods with ATB card by Raif!

The Promo is effect from Wednesday to Tuesday until 31.12.24.

Purchase the most popular 16 goods of the week in ATB stores with the super discounts from 20% to 50%.

New week, new discounts!

How to take advantage of the offer?

1. Plan your purchases in ATB stores every week from Wednesday to Tuesday, exactly when our Promo “Strong discounts” is in effect.

You can check the list of goods participating in promo here.

2. Pay for your purchases with ATB card by Raif.


Register the ATB card from Raif purchased at the cash register in a convenient way for you:

1. Scan the QR code on the package of the purchased card and register through the Дія application.

2.Or follow the link and register the card immediately on the Bank's website.

 #7 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval



AТB Visa Gold


free PUSH-notifications on card transactions

Transfers from card to card in "Raiffeisen Online"

- free of charge to Raif cards

- 0.5% + UAH 5 to cards of other banks

Cashless replenishment


Cash withdrawal

free in Raif ATMs



 #8 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval
 #9 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Absolutely new: the simple and fast MyRaif app

More opportunities coming soon

Useful information

How to get an ATB card from Raif?

  If you haveДія.Підпис application, fill out the form on the website and get a virtual card in 10 minutes. You can immediately add the card to Google Pay / Apple Pay and have it in your phone.

  If you do not yet have Дія.Підпис application, you can buy a plastic card at the cash desk in the nearest ATB store for the price of UAH 50, this amount will be credited to your card after registration and you can spend it all on purchases of goods in ATB, so it turns out - the card is free!

  The card can be issued with a passport and tax code at a Raiffeisen Bank branch - list of branches is here.

Is it possible to pay by phone / watch and receive an additional discount with an ATB card?

YES! A virtual card in the phone/watch (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Garmin Pay technology) gives a 5% discount with an ATB card. Add the card to the electronic wallet via Raiffeisen Online and use it - it's even more convenient, because then the card is always at hand!

How to activate a card purchased in a store if you have lost its packaging?

You can activate the card by this link https://onboard.raiffeisen.ua/atb

How to activate the card?

To use the card, please activate it and set the PIN code in a convenient way for you:
🏧 at the Raif ATM: Insert the card→ Enter the temporary PIN-Code 0000→Set your personal PIN-code
📱 in 
Raiffeisen Online app → your card → Actions → Change PIN code
☎ by number: 0 800 501 150

If you purchased the card at ATB store, scan the QR code from the package and follow the further instructions.

How to set up a regular payment to replenish an ATB card?

At the first transfer, select the "make regular payment" field, the funds will be automatically credited in the amount and with the frequency you specify - saving time and no commission. So you will always have money on the card to make purchases at ATB with discounts from Raif, regardless of which card you receive your salary or pension.

What to do if you have lost the card?

Block the card in the Raiffeisen Online application or write to the operator in the chat

Or call 0 (800) 500-500 (toll free in Ukraine), (044) 490-88-88 (for calls from abroad), 521 (toll free from Vodafone)