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Instant MoneyGram money transfers

MoneyGram is the global leader in money transfer services: 

200+ of the world’s countries

450+ service points

150+ million customers

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Advantages of MoneyGram transfers

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The transfer may be received immediately upon its sending

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High level of MoneyGram transfers’ security

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Receiving a transfer online in MyRaif mobile application

Payout of MoneyGram transfers

The payment of transfers received from abroad and in Ukraine from private individuals (residents and non-residents), financial aid from international charities (UN, Red Cross, etc.) or other legal entities, which entered into the respective agreements with MoneyGram company, to individuals (residents and non-residents).

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Receiving a transfer in MyRaif mobile application

How to receive a MoneyGram transfer

In MyRaif mobile application:

● In “All Payments” section choose the item "Receive MoneyGram transfer"

● Enter 8-digit transfer number provided by the Sender

● Check the information on the transfer and choose the account

If you don’t have opened account in payout currency, such account will be opened 

● Get the notification on the successful transfer payout

Currencies of transfers


Geography of transfers: from abroad


Geography of transfers: from the EU countries


Geography of transfers: in Ukraine and from abroad

Foreign exchange rate for the transfers where the sending currency is different from payout currency is set by MoneyGram several times a day and communicated to the sender during sending.

MoneyGram money transfer

A payment organization of MoneyGrаm payment system is MoneyGrаm Payment Systems, Inc. located at:1550 Utica Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55416, USA.

The date of entry of JSC Raiffeisen Bank as a Participant of the MoneyGram payment system into the Register of Payment Infrastructure 03/04/2022. Information on the NBU website at the link.

Do you still have any questions?

Please contact MoneyGram customer support service in Ukraine: 0 800 503-273 (free-of-charge from fixed-line phones in Ukraine).

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