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ePidtrymka Card

  • Card for enrolling in state aid (Important! Only the state can top up the card)
  • Free service
  • Free cash withdrawal
  • Free calculations for any goods and services (including payment of utility bills and mobile top-up) 0% commission for transfers to other cards
  • Virtual card in Google pay and Apple pay

Card use conditions

ePidrymka is a virtual card.
Payment for the purchases takes place with the help of Apple Pay or Google Pay, as well as in the Internet.

Card details for the payment of the purchases in the Internet are available in Raiffeisen Online, in Details menu.

How to get UAH 2000/3000 state aid:

Internally displaced persons (hereinafter, IDPs) who were forced to leave their homes and move to another settlement in Ukraine will be able to receive financial aid on the ePidtrymka Card from Raiffeisen Bank.

Aid is provided monthly from the month of application for the period of martial law and one month after its termination or cancellation for each IDP, in the following amounts:

  • for persons with disabilities and children (up to 18 years) — UAH 3000;
  • for other persons — UAH 2000.

The aid is paid for a full month, regardless of the date of application for its provision and the date of termination or cancellation of martial law.

The procedure for registration and payment of assistance takes place in several steps:

1 step. Get registered and receive a certificate of registration as an IDP Submit an application for IDP status.

  • in person to the social protection bodies of the population (USZN), TsNAP, executive bodies of city, district in cities (in case of formation) councils, an authorized person of the executive body of a village, settlement, city council, or
  • remotely through the Diya application (only citizens of Ukraine who have a foreign passport of a citizen of Ukraine or an ID card in the Diya application).

Persons from 14 years of age apply in person, up to 14 years of age apply through a legal representative.

A relative (grandmother, grandfather, great-grandmother, great-grandfather, adult brother or sister, aunt, uncle) or a stepfather, stepmother, in which the child lives (stays).

2 step. Open the ePidtrymka Card in Raif, if it has not been opened before.

3 step. Submit an application for assistance in person at local self-government bodies or in the Diya application.

1. Persons who, after February 24, 2022, moved from the territory of the administrative-territorial unit where hostilities are taking place (Volyn Region, Dnipropetrovsk Region, Donetsk Region, Zhytomyr Region, Zaporizhia Region, Kyiv Region, (Kyiv, Luhansk region, Mykolaiv region, Odessa region, Sumy region, Kharkiv region, Kherson region, Chernihiv region).

2. Persons whose declared/registered place of residence is located outside the territory of the administrative-territorial unit where hostilities are taking place, but the following persons:

- are registered as payers of a single contribution to mandatory state social insurance on the territory of the administrative-territorial unit where hostilities are conducted;

- have paid or for which the employer has paid a single contribution to the mandatory state social insurance for the IV quarter of 2021 or for the year 2021 on the territory of the administrative-territorial unit where hostilities are taking place. Register as an IDP remotely (via a mobile application/Diya ) can be persons from 14 years old with a personal identification number. If such a person has children, submitting an application for their registration is possible only if there is an electronic display of the information contained in the birth certificate of such children, made on a paper form (e-birth certificate). The place of actual stay is determined using the person's geolocation at the time of submitting an application for registration as an IDP.

The electronic form of the certificate on registration of the IDP is transferred to the mobile application Action at the request of the IDP.

Call the Information Center:

  • 0-800-500-500 and 0-800-400-504 (free of charge),
  • 521 from Vodafone (free),
  • 044-490-88-88 (according to the tariffs of your operator),
  • +38-044-230-99-98 (for calls from abroad, free calls from Skype),
  • or write to the Raiffeisen Online chat (application processing may take some time),
  • or visit a Bank branch and submit an application for closure. You can see the list of open branches here here.

How to start using the card

- Get registered in Raiffeisen Online.
- Add the card in Apple Pay or Google Pay.