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Money at the cash desk

Withdraw cash from your card free of charge at cash desks in retail networks

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How can I get money at the cash desk?

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Choose any goods at a store, at a petrol station or at a pharmacy

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Pay for the goods with your card and tell the cashier that you want to receive cash

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Confirm the transaction entering the PIN-code of the card or via Touch ID/Face ID on your smartphone or smartwatch and get the amount you need

Where can I withdraw cash?

Questions - answers

Where can I use the service?

At the supermarkets, petrol stations, pharmacies, and grocery stores, such as ATB, EPICENTR, OKKO, BRSM etc.

What is the maximum amount that can be withdrawn?

The maximum amount that can be withdrawn is UAH 6,000 per one transaction/purchase, but other limitations can apply at different retailers

From which card can I withdraw funds?

From all the cards issued by Raiffeisen Bank or the cards of other banks, subject to connection to the service

Is the commission for cash withdrawal charged?

No commission applies to the service. The commission can be charged according to the tariffs of your card (see the tariff “Disbursement of cash at the cash desk”)

Who disburses funds?

The cashier or the shop assistant at the retailer during payment at the cash desk.

Do I have to buy goods to withdraw funds at the cash desk?

Yes, making of a purchase is mandatory.

What should I do if I couldn’t withdraw cash?

Please, call the number of the contact center 0 800 500 500, 0 800 400 504 (if you pay with Raif card).

Can the cashier or the shop assistant refuse the disbursement of cash?

Yes, if technical issues occurred or they ran out of cash available for disbursement.