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Raiffeisen Bank Aval becomes Raiffeisen Bank

Remaining reliable, Rife becomes more human-friendly

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It is very important for us that each of our client feels all the positive changes that rebranding brings

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We are taking the next step into simplicity. We are changing for people.

We continue the transformation of “Raif. It's easier" for each of our client:

  • about simplicity
  • about click-through availability
  • about clear and convenient products
  • about digital transformation of the bank

Changing the name is an integral part of rebranding the bank, gaining a new image and perception. Yellow color should become a symbol of the best customer experience, convenient and affordable banking for business and individuals, a symbol of a modern and attractive place to work.

So, we take off the "old school" jacket, call us RAIF and feel the powerful energy of yellow!

In order for you to find the information you need, we have highlighted the most common questions and tried to give them detailed answers:

Why does the bank change its name? What other changes there will be?

This is part of the Bank's transformation. On the one hand, the name of our company is becoming simpler. At the same time, we further demonstrate our European values and belonging to an international group. Only the name of the bank changes. The bank's shareholders do not change.

Do I need to re-register in Raiffeisen Online or Raiffeisen Business Online?

Do not need.

Do I need to visit branches, reissue cards or reissue previously submitted documents?

Do not need.

Will the customer account number / details change? Where can I get new details? (hryvnia and currency)

Номер счета - нет. Реквизиты - в части названия банка АО« Райффайзен Банк », вместо  АО «Райффайзен Банк Аваль». Зачисление будут продолжать осуществляться после изменения названия банка без ограничений.

Will certificates and bank powers of attorney issued to customers before the name change be valid?

Documents previously issued by Raiffeisen Bank Aval remains valid.