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eRecovery Card from Raiffeisen Bank

A card for receiving financial assistance from the state for the repair of housing damaged by hostilities.

 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval

How to get financial help from the state?

Report damaged property in the app or through the Diia portal in the Recovery section

Open an eRecovery account in Raiffeisen Bank

Submit an application for assistance through Diia in the eRecovery section

Waiting for a call from the local authority commission to inspect the property and determine the amount of assistance

In Diia, you will receive a notification about the commission's decision

You will receive money on the eRecovery card from Raiffeisen

How does the card work?

  • Funds from the state are provided for the repair of damaged housing.

  • Money can be spent only on the repair of your home, paying at trading points for the purpose of purchasing building materials or paying for the services of contractors who are participants in the isRecovery program.

  • The list of program participants will be filled gradually and presented on the website of the service https://erecovery.diia.gov.ua/.
  • You should spend money:
    - within 12 months, if you received compensation of up to UAH 200,000
    - within 18 months, if you received compensation of UAH 200,000 or more. In this case, it is important to use the amount of the first payment within 12 months from the moment of enrollment.

  • It is impossible to transfer money to other accounts, withdraw cash, pay by details, top up the card.

  • Free card opening and service.

How to issue a card?

Contact the call center 0 800 500 500 or the nearest Riffeisen Bank branch.

How to start using?

The eRecovery card - virtual to start using:

- Register in Raiffeisen Online

- Add the card to Apple Pay or Google Pay

Payment for purchases is made using Apple Pay or Google Pay

Who can receive funds?

Citizens of Ukraine can receive money:
- who are 18 years old;
- who are owners or co-owners of the damaged housing;
- who opened the eRecovery card;
- who submitted an application for payment in the Diia application (menu "Services" → "eRecovery").

Assistance is not available to people who are subject to state sanctions or have a criminal record for crimes against the national security of Ukraine. This also applies to their heirs.

What is the amount of assistance?

The amount of assistance for one damaged object cannot exceed UAH 200,000.

Are there time limits for which funds can be spent?

Yes. The money should be spent within 12 months from the date of enrollment. Otherwise, the balance will return to the state budget.

In which stores can you spend money?

Exclusively in hardware stores that are participants in the eRecovery program and registered with MSS code 5211 (hardware stores) or 5231 (paint, wallpaper store)

The list of program participants will be filled gradually and presented on the website of the program https://erecovery.diia.gov.ua/.

Where can I pay for repair services?

At contractors that doing construction and repair work and registered under MSS code 1520 (contractor in the field of construction)

The list of program participants will be filled gradually and presented on the website of the program https://erecovery.diia.gov.ua/.

Is it possible to get help if I did the repairs myself?

No, the program is designed for those citizens who were unable to restore their damaged housing. However, if you have only partially restored it, you may be able to get help to complete the repairs.

What happens to the account after using the funds?

The account will be closed automatically 12 months after the funds are credited from the state. Closing the account is possible earlier at the initiative of the client.