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Deposits for business


Deposits from Raiffeisen Bank are an efficient and stable tool for using temporarily available funds to secure their safekeeping and obtaining a stable interest income.

Deposits | Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Deposit Line program

Provides opportunity to replenish and partially withdraw funds without termination of the contract.

Minimum deposit

Not set

Deposit term
1 year and 1 day
Interest payment option


Early closing


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Deposits #2 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Capital deposit

Provides for capitalization of interest - interest is added monthly, increasing the amount of the deposit and profit from it.

Minimum deposit

1000 UAH 

Term of deposit

from 1 to 12 months

Interest payment option
Monthly capitalization
Early closing


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Deposits #3 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Provides the ability to select the form of interest payments – monthly or at maturity of the deposit.

Minimun deposit

1000 UAH 

Deposit term

from 1 to 12 months

Interest payment option

Monthly/at the end of term

Early closing


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Deposits #4 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Deposit Partner

Deposit "Partner" is created for small and medium-sized businesses, to effectively use the deposit as collateral for a loan transaction.

Minimum deposit amount
1000 UAH
Term of deposit

from 1 to 84 months

Interest payment
At the end of the period
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Deposits #5 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval
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The safety of your deposits advanced savesecure membership Raiffeisen Bank to guarantee Fund of individuals ' deposits
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Service information

Opening and servicing of Deposit Accounts is provided under the terms of the Banking Agreement, which is concluded for an unlimited period.

The Client has the right to initiate termination of the Agreement by sending to the Bank a written notice, upon receipt of which the Bank has the right to terminate the provision of Services under the Agreement. The Agreement shall be considered terminated after all Client's Accounts have been closed and the Client has fulfilled his obligations under the Agreement.

The Client's placement in the Deposit Bank may be effected on the deadline specified (Term deposits) or on the terms of issuing the Deposit at the Client's first request (Deposits on demand).

The minimum term for placing Term deposits is one month.

In the event that the Client does not make the Deposit within the period specified in the Deposit Application, the obligations of the Bank and the Client are terminated.

Changes and additions to the Agreement are made by the Bank by setting out the “Rules for banking customer service for small and micro-business entities in JSC“ Raiffeisen Bank ”and“ Rules for banking customer service for small and micro-businesses - natural persons-entrepreneurs and individuals pursuing their activity. in Raiffeisen Bank JSC in the new version and its publication once a month on the first day of each calendar month on the Bank's Site and in the Bank's branches. If the first number falls on a day off, public holiday or other non-business day, publication shall be made on the first Business Day following it. The amended Rules shall enter into force on the relations of the Parties from the date stated therein, but not earlier than thirty calendar days from the date of their publication on the Bank's Site. Such Rules shall be deemed accepted by the Client if, before the effective date, the Client does not notify the Bank of the termination of the Agreement. The Client is obliged to read the new (amended) Rules on the first day of each month.

Return of the Deposit to the last day of the Deposit term (for Term deposits) under the terms stipulated by the Application shall be considered early.

The Client shall have the right to demand early repayment of the full amount of the Deposit before the Effective Date of the Termination of the Deposit, subject to a written notice to the Bank not later than two Business days before the date of early repayment of the full Deposit amount. If the Client receives a demand for early repayment of the full amount of the Deposit, as well as a request of the Client - a natural person - entrepreneur for early repayment of a part of the Deposit, the Bank shall return the Deposit together with the interest rate with the interest rate on daily balances on the Current account, determined on the date of receipt of such a request by the applicable Bank Tariffs, for the entire actual term of depositing funds in the Deposit Account.

The amount of costs to be paid by the client and / or the procedure for their determination, including taxes, is contained in the Tariffs.

The service is provided by JSC "Raiffeisen Bank ", NBU license №10 dated July 02, 2021; EDRPOU code 14305909; was included in the State Register of Banks on 27.03.1992. under No. 94; location: 01011, Kyiv, str. Leskov, 9; phone numbers: 044 490 88 88; 0 (800) 505-045; e-mail address [email protected]; state regulation of the Bank's activities is carried out by the National Bank of Ukraine (01601, Kyiv, Institutskaya St., 9; hotline: 0800 505 240).

Important! The Deposit Guarantee Fund reimburses funds on deposits of individuals - entrepreneurs

Dear Clients,

We inform you that from January 1, 2017, the Deposit Guarantee Fund reimburses funds from deposits of individuals - entrepreneurs, regardless of the day of opening an account.

Member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund

Draw your attention to

Dear Customers,

We draw your attention to the fact that according to the Law of Ukraine No. 71-VIII "On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Tax Reform" of December 28, 2014, starting from 01.01.2017, for incomes of individuals-entrepreneurs in In the form of accrued interest on deposit (current, card) account, the rate of personal income tax is 18% and a military fee of 1.5% is retained.

In this regard, your accounts are credited with interest minus 19.5% tax.

We emphasize that the principal amount of the bank deposit (the amount placed by you in accordance with the bank deposit agreement) is not taxed.

In case of questions, please contact the information center for small and medium business customers at the telephone number 0 (800) 505-045

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