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Useful information


• Stimulating impulse purchases

• Increase in traffic due to the introduction of an additional service

• Reduced operating costs for cash handling

• Creation of a competitive advantage


1. No minimum or maximum purchase amount

2. The maximum amount of cash withdrawal per transaction is 500 UAH

3. Purchase transaction + cash withdrawal = one card transaction

4. Commission fee for merchant acquiring services does not apply to the amount of cash to be dispensed

5. When using a smartphone with NFC, no PIN is required (verification takes place on the client's device)

6. The commission fee for the cardholder is charged in the same way as the commission fee for the ATM withdrawal transaction

7. Possibility of cash withdrawal from a card of any Ukrainian bank

8. The opportunity to receive credits from transactions through the POS terminal based on separate bank entries: for goods and services and for issued cash


1. The operation of issuing cash to the PC Holder is carried out simultaneously with the operation of paying for the cost of goods / services from the Client's own cash proceeds.

2. To carry out the transaction of cash issue to the PC Holder, the Cashier must:

2.1. Select the "Payment" function on the payment terminal, then select "With issue".

2.2. Enter the amount of payment for the cost of goods / services and the amount of cash withdrawal separately.

2.3. Request the PC Holder to enter the PIN-code.

2.4. Issue a Receipt to the PC Holder indicating information on the amount of payment for the cost of goods / services and the amount of cash issued.


Resolution of the NBU No. 148 of December 29, 2017

Clause 9, section II: An enterprise / individual entrepreneur, which, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine accepts electronic payment instruments for the purpose of payment for the cost of goods or services and is equipped with a payment terminal [including connected or combined with the cash register (hereinafter - CR)], has the right, at the expense of cash proceeds or cash received from the bank, to provide the holder of the electronic payment instrument (if such a service is provided for by the rules of the relevant payment system) cash withdrawal services with the printing of a receipt of the payment terminal (or payment document) and reflection of such transactions in the accounting book of settlement transactions or paybook, if used.

Resolution of the NBU No. 59 of 05/07/2020

According to this Resolution, amendments were made to the Law "On the Application of Cash Registers in the Area of Trade, Public Catering and Services", in particular, the simplified procedure for issuing cash, namely, paragraph four of clause 27 of the Law is stated as follows:

"Enterprises / separate subdivisions of enterprises / individual entrepreneurs that, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, accept electronic payment instruments for servicing and settlements using CR and provide holders of electronic payment instruments the services for issuing cash with printing a receipt of a payment terminal (or settlement document), register in the prescribed manner such operations in the settlement documents of the CR or RK. "

The effective date of the changes made is 08/01/2020