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26 September 2023

Raiffeisen Business Online application was updated with new functions

All users of Raiffeisen Business Online mobile application can use the updated application. It is already available on the official resources Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS).

Meet the new functions in the mobile application Raiffeisen Business Online:

1. Budget payment in a new format, with a structured purpose: 

  • (Type-1) with the indication of the code of payment type.

In order to create a budget payment in the application – UAH payment creation form – tick Budget Payment checkbox.

A budget payment “with the indication of payment type code”:

  • Enables payment creation, copying, editing. The implementation is similar to the web version,
  • Most frequently used budget payment type.

A detailed description of budget payments in the web-version and the mobile application is available at the link.

Please pay attention that the function of saving a budget payment template in the reference or creating a template of such budget payment is temporarily unavailable. We will provide a separate notification on the readiness of the templates of budget payments.

After creating a budget payment in the application, in order to make such payment we recommend further use of the payment copying function.

2. Registration of the Enhanced electronic signature keys (the bank’s key). 

When registering and generating the bank’s new key, at the last step, the text of the message was changed.

The updated text describes the methods of transfer of the  application for the bank’s key registration to the bank for its activation.

For information, regarding budget payments:

  • The implementation of changes in the procedure of payment of taxes and fees to the budget was started based on the Order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine No. 148 of 22.03.2023. The transition period of changes in the procedure of tax and fee payments by the individual entrepreneurs and legal entities to the budget was extended until 01.12.2023. Detailed information on budget payments is described here.
  • During the transition period (from 01.07.2023. to 01.12.2023.) the State Treasury Service will accept payments from taxpayers to the benefit of the State Tax Service of Ukraine and the State Customs Service both in the old and the new format – with structured purpose of payment. The respective Letter of the National Bank of Ukraine is available at the link. 

Note! Payment of mandatory taxes (single social contribution, personal income tax, war tax), which must be paid upon payment of wages and other payments related to wages, must be made with a structured purpose of payment in accordance with the above explanations, taking into account the mandatory correct indication of the payment period and payment type.

More detailed information about budget payments with a structured purpose is posted on the

Bank’s website.

For advice on the correctness of tax payments, we recommend contacting the State Tax Service of Ukraine or hotline 0-800-501-007 or email [email protected]. More contacts of the State Tax Service of Ukraine are available here.

To start using the new features in the mobile application, please UPDATE the application in Google Play or App Store:

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