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07 August 2019

IRT: Interactive Hospitality Technologies

Every owner of a hospitality business is looking for methods and ways to help his business grow and attract more customers. Kodisoft offers interactive technologies that will not only increase traffic in institutions and the average check, but also optimize business processes.
The idea of creating interactive technologies for the restaurant business - IRT (Interactive Restaurant Technology) - appeared at Kodisoft about 11 years ago. “It all began with an analysis of the future development directions of our company, which has long specialized in software development. As a result, we determined that one of the most interesting for us is the hospitality market. The search, analysis and formation of a product idea with which one could go there, lasted a year. Another one was needed to search hundreds of different prototypes for future technology. As a result, the world saw the IRT, ”recalls Dmitry Kalita, vice president of sales at Kodisoft. “Nine years ago we set up our first interactive tables in the OSHI restaurant in the Cyprus city of Limassol. By the way, they are in good working condition to this day, ”the interlocutor rejoices.

The essence of technology

Dmitry Kalita says that the essence of IRT-technologies is the maximum digitization of the hospitality business and the creation of an atmosphere and experience that is interesting for visitors that cannot be obtained at home. “This is a winning combination for owners of food, entertainment and public places. Today, a situation often occurs when during family, friendly or romantic lunches and dinners people spend almost all the time in their gadgets. Our smart tables bring them back from the online world to lively communication around the table. Together they can view the menus on the table, play games, show photos from their smartphones, draw, etc. Also, through the “smart table”, you can make an order without resorting to the help of waiters, as well as make cashless payments, ”explains Dmitry.
To establish interactive tables, you only need 220 W power and Internet. Additional technical staff to work with the software of such a gadget is not needed. The software platform is configured in such a way that the owner or administrative staff of the restaurant can independently change the contents of the menu, add photos or videos of dishes, debug programs and the like. Dmitry says that thanks to the open platform, you can develop unique software for tables, as some of their clients do.
“We do not sell tables or software, we implement a platform for business development,” said a Kodisoft representative.

Unique selling proposition

IRT helps you grow your business as follows.
First of all, a restaurant that has installed a technological novelty instead of ordinary tables can save on staff, since now a large staff of waiters is not needed for customer service.
Secondly, business efficiency improves: places where there is a possibility of loss of control are digitized and become transparent. This pattern follows the business model of 90% of institutions worldwide. A large number of functions are transferred from people to the system: you can quickly change the menu, make a theme evening in one click or vary offers depending on the time of day.
Thirdly, institutions receive additional traffic from interested visitors.
Fourth, the average bill is increasing, as customers can see on the “smart table” not only images of dishes, but also videos about them. And as you know, the more information a person receives about a product, the greater the likelihood of a purchase.
“In addition, our tables can be used to place advertising information for your partners, suppliers, etc.,” Dmitry says about the additional business opportunities of IRT. But you need to remember: for advertising content to be interesting and well received by customers, it should be made unobtrusive and organically woven into existing information on IRT.

IRT Features

“Our smart tables have used a whole range of solutions that will allow them to be used safely in public places. The whole table is the screen. It is coated on top with a very thick layer of special diamond glass. It is not scratched by metal objects, does not break or crack, even if it is hit or danced. On it, as on a regular table, you can and should put dishes. Spilled water or hot coffee is also not a problem, explains Dmitry Kalita. - At the same time, the reaction speed of our touch table is twice as high as that of the modern iPad. Therefore, we can safely say that our technologies in this market segment are the best in the world. ”
Kodisoft produces its “smart tables” in Ukraine. And this is not surprising, since the manufacture of high-tech products should be under strict control. Quality is paramount. “We do many things ourselves, for example, a touch electronic panel, a screen, and we develop microchips. There are partners who are in different parts of the world. We also place very high demands on them, ”emphasizes our interlocutor.
As for production, then, according to Dmitry Kalita, it can be “rubber”: from different periods, from several people to a large number of specialists work there. It all depends on the volume of the order. But the intellectual skeleton involved in software development is stable - these are 35 specialists.

About investments

The cost of the “smart table” is comparable to its manufacturability and the quality of the materials used in the production. But it's worth it. According to Mr. Kalita, over the past 9 years, the manufacturer has not had a single call from customers to replace tables. Everything works like a note.
The developer offers small interactive tables for two using a special leasing program for a small cafe and dessert with table service. “In Ukraine, one such table costs an institution 108 UAH / day. Therefore, due to the development of various financing schemes, the use of cloud technologies, etc. a large amount of capital investment can be translated into operating costs. And we can do interesting things for small businesses as well, ”the Kodisoft representative rejoices.
“The HoReCa and restaurant business market is extremely conservative. Our tables are bought by people who understand in which direction new trends in the restaurant business will develop, those who realize that it is necessary to use not only technologies that have been tested for decades, but also new and modern ones. I would call such people innovators. They are looking for a way to be able to position themselves from competitors, ”describes Dmitry Kalita, a portrait of a client buying an IRT.
If we talk about the return on investment, then, according to the interlocutor, in Western countries it is 1-1.5 years. In Ukraine, this is a longer period, since the size of the average check we have is relatively small.

Range IRT

“Kodisoft is an international company. We have offices in Kiev and Toronto, Canada. We sell our technological business development worldwide. Of course, for a deeper understanding of the specifics of the audience of countries in which we sell our products, business principles and mechanisms that operate there, we work with local partners. Now our "smart tables" are in institutions in the UK, the Middle East, Canada, the USA, Japan, Estonia, Singapore, - Dmitry Kalita lists the geography of the presence of the IRT development. - In Ukraine at the moment only 4 restaurants use IRT tables: two in Lviv, one in Odessa, one in Kiev. Soon another establishment will open in the capital. ”
In Ukraine, the developers of "smart tables" see great potential. They hope that the domestic hospitality business will increasingly use interactive technologies that will help them organize processes in such a way that the business grows and grows.

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