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Credit line

Prevent a shortage of working capital for really easy. For this Raiffeisen Bank has developed a revolving line of credit.

Product Information

The granting of the Credit is made on the terms of the Credit Agreement for the term stipulated by the Credit Terms.
During the term of the Loan Agreement, the Client has the right to initiate early termination of the Loan Agreement by giving written notice to the Lender within the terms stipulated by the Loan Agreement. Early termination of the Credit Agreement at the Client's initiative is possible only in the absence of any debt of the Client to the Bank under the Credit Agreement.
Changes to the Credit Agreement are made by the parties by signing the Supplementary Agreement to the Credit Agreement.
There is no unilateral cancellation of the Agreement.
The service is provided by JSC Raiffeisen Bank, NBU license №10 dated June 18, 2018; EDRPOU code 14305909; was included in the State Register of Banks on 27.03.1992. under No. 94; location: 01011, Kyiv, str. Leskov, 9; phone numbers: 044 490 88 88; 0 (800) 505-045; e-mail address [email protected]; State regulation of the Bank's activities is carried out by the National Bank of Ukraine (01601, Kyiv, Institutskaya St., 9; hotline: 0800 505 240).

Loan terms

Loan period
up to 18 months
Interest rate
Loan currency
Form of repayment
according to the schedule
Maximum limit
30 000 000 UAH
real estate, vehicles, machinery and equipment, property rights to deposit
Changes to the Credit / Collateral Agreement initiated by the Client
for Contracts up to 1 500 000 UAH. inclusive (or equivalent in another currency)500 UAH
for Contracts more than 1 500 000 UAH. (or equivalent in another currency)1000 UAH
Fee for providing credit proof150 UAH
Commission for early termination of the Credit Agreement0 UAH
Remote service
Save your time using the Qualified Electronic Signature (CEP) and sign all documents without visiting the Bank Branch. More details on Link
Pay your attention
The loan is granted on the terms of the Credit Agreement in the form of a Non-revolving or Renewable Credit Line. The Draft Credit Agreement is provided to the Client upon request.
Pursuant to the requirements of article 67of the Law of Ukraine On Banks and Banking (hereinafter – Law on Banks), Raiffeisen Bank JSC (hereinafter – Bank) shall submit to the credit register of the National Bank of Ukraine (hereinafter – Credit Register) the information on its credit operations involving the client-debtor, as indicated in part one of article 49 of the Law on Banks, if the amount of debt (principal debt and interests) under such credit operations is equal or exceeds 100 minimum salaries (or a foreign currency equivalent of this amount).
The Bank shall submit to the Credit Register the information, the content and scope of which is stipulated by part 3 of article 67of the Law on Banks, according to the procedure determined by the National Bank of Ukraine