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Card by Raif in your smartphone

Оформлюйте в застосунку Raiffeisen: Відкрити картку

How to receive a card by Raif?

If you are already a Raif’s customer, the procedure for the card opening is even simpler

What's new?

Activation of the ATB card purchased at the store checkout.

To activate the card:

1. Download and register in the “Raiffeisen: Open card” app.

If you already have another card from Raiffeisen, use its number to register in the app.

2. Click "Open a new card"

3. Select "Activate ATB card from Raif"

4. Follow the prompts on the screen to activate

5. Download Raiffeisen Online to set a PIN code and fully use the card

Card by Raif in your smartphone #24 | Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Frequently asked questions

How to make a transfer, pay for utility services, conclude a deposit etc.?

Download Raiffeisen Online and register in the application or open the already installed application to use all the functions of the card.

Should Diia application be mandatory installed for a card opening?

Yes. To open a card, install Diia application and add ID-card (or foreign passport) and Individual taxpayer’s number in the application.

Can I activate ATB card by Raif purchased in the shop in the application Raiffeisen: Open a card?

This function will be available soon.

How can I pay with my virtual card in shops, cafes, at petrol stations etc.?

Add a card in Apple Pay or Google Pay via the application Raiffeisen Online.

How to sign the applications for banking services with Diia.Signature?
  1. Open Diia and select Menu - Diia.Signature
  2. Select “Create”
  3. Confirm your identity the picture verification
  4. Set a 5-digit code for Diia.Signature

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