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Reduce energy costs of your company


•Save 35%–70% on electricity costs by installing photovoltaic panels. 

•Take advantage of a tailor-made financing.

•"Get in touch with a wide range of suppliers selected by Raiffeisenbank"

If you need additional financing, you can apply for an unsecured loan of up to UAH 5 million at 14% per annum for up to 3 years and without commission.

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Become independent of rising electricity prices

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Estimated solar station power

134 kW * peak

Estimated construction cost

UAH 2,528,226

Payback period

3 years

Annual savings

621 974 hryvnias

* The calculation is representative and based on general data. For individual payment, you can contact our partners or leave a request on this page
** The calculator was provided by the partner company KNESS

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1. Start saving

Just contact us and learn how much your company can save on photovoltaics, what's the ROI and how quickly it can be installed.

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2. Choose your supplier

Select from trusted and certified suppliers to find the best fit for your enterprise.

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3. Financing

As a respected international bank, we can provide you with unmatched financing for the companies of all sizes, not limited to any sector

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4. Implementation

Now it's time for the selected supplier to take care of the whole process. From evaluation to implementation and maintenance.

1. How to start saving?

What are the benefits of using solar energy?

First of all, it will help you save money for your business.

Renewable solar energy is free. You just need photovoltaic panels to convert sunlight into electricity and then use it.

What are photovoltaic panels and how do they work?

Photovoltaic panels (commonly called solar panels) convert sunlight into electricity. However, because they produce direct current electricity, it must be converted into alternating current. Therefore, solar systems have an inverter. Photovoltaic systems can be easily customized to suit each user's needs. The number of solar panels and their size depends on daily consumption, location and technical parameters.

What is the service life of photovoltaic panels?

The average service life of photovoltaic panels is 25 years. After 25 years, the panels are still operational, but their efficiency is reduced by an average of 20%.

What is the cost of solar panels and how much energy can they produce?

It depends on the size of the installation. You can get an approximate estimate using our calculator above. For a more accurate assessment, the specialist must personally see the future location of solar panels. Please contact one of the partner suppliers listed here.

What happens to the energy produced?

Usually you can use it for your business right away. Also, there are other options: the sale of electricity to the grid at a green rate or additional savings using a battery. You can get more detailed advice from our partners.

So, finally, how much is my savings?

Contact your partners for an estimate based on your location and available space for solar panels.

However, the exact calculation depends on the orientation and slope of the roof, direct sunlight and so on. Please contact one of the verified partner suppliers listed here who will visit the potential location of the solar panels and make a professional assessment.

2. How to choose a supplier?

Why do I need a supplier?

The supplier is the company that will actually install your photovoltaic system and provide all related services.

However, we carefully checked 2 suppliers for their competence, reliability and ability to provide all necessary services.

What services does the provider offer?

Our proven partner suppliers offer a full range of services, including:

• assessment of client needs

• project management

• purchase of equipment

• installation of solar panels

• obtaining legal permits

• connection to the utility network

• calculator, thanks to which it is possible to obtain preliminary information on the loan

• maintenance

What is the role of Raiffeisen Bank in the program?

The calculator is a preliminary estimate of your eligibility for a green loan to finance your investment. This is done in collaboration with the supplier of your choice.

Once you have received an accurate savings estimate prepared by the supplier and agreed with him on the technical solution, you will be able to apply to the bank for the necessary financing.

3. How to get funding?

Who will pay for my solar panels?

If you can't or don't want to finance it yourself, you can easily get financing from a bank.

Who can apply for a green bank loan?

Any small / medium-sized enterprise, micro-company or large corporation can apply for a green bank loan. To be 100% sure that you are eligible for a loan, contact us and we will help you find the best financing option.

Can I repay the loan from the savings brought by photovoltaic panels?

Yes, see the savings calculator and loan simulator here. The savings from solar panels usually exceed the amount needed to repay the loan.

4. How to install an energy efficiency system?

Who buys the equipment and installs it?

Our trusted vendors offer a full range of services, including assessing your needs, project management, installing the necessary equipment, obtaining all legal permits and technical connection agreements.

It can also provide further maintenance of your equipment.

When will it all work?

Construction of EES usually takes no more than 3 months: delivery of equipment up to 3 months, construction of EES up to 1 month, commissioning up to 2 days.


The entire project consists of several steps, such as estimating the consumption of the enterprise and designing the EES of the required capacity, financing and construction of the EES, servicing the EES, energy management at the enterprise (supply and purchase of surplus energy).

Our partners

Questions about possible partnership with our platform, please send to partners.sales@raiffeisen.ua


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